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  • Reference number Reference number 1049-537237
    Manufacture Year Manufacture Year 1974
    Operation Hours Operation Hours not applicable
  • Vendor

    Hans-Jürgen Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH
    James-Watt-Straße 12
    72555 Metzingen
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  • Main Category

    Metal working machines
  • Category

    Gear Cutting Machines
  • Type of Machine

  • Manufacturer

  • Technical data

    max. wheel diameter
    400 mm
    gear width
    75 mm
    max. module
    min. module
    total power requirement
    25 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    7 t
    dimensions of the machine ca.
  • Description

    L O R E N Z (Germany)
    High Performance Automatic Gear Shaper
    Model LS 400 Year 1975 Serial No. 12 592

    External gear, max. Ø 400 mm (possibly larger)
    Internal gear dia. 350 mm
    Gear width, max. 75 mm
    Module range 0.5 - 6

    Length of stroke 82 mm
    Adjustment of stroke position 0 - 100 mm
    Distance between shaper spindle and machine body 250 mm
    Spindle taper MK 5
    No. of strokes, roughing/finishing process 118 - 1,000 per min

    Table size 400 mm
    Table bore 125 mm
    Mounting height between table and shaper head 190 / 290 mm
    Axial travel of tool slide, approx. 295 mm

    No. of teeth, approx. 12-150
    Feed range, tooth depth 0.01 - 0.063 mm/stroke
    Feed range, rotary feed by Tool-Ø 125 0.125 - 3.15 mm/stroke

    Spindle drive, approx. 19 kW
    Total electrical load, approx. 25 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
    Weight 7,000 kg

    Accessories / Special Features
    * Hydrostatic straight guides with separate hydraulic aggregate.
    * Built-in raiser plate approx. 100 mm to increase height of shaper head.
    * Hydraulic universal workpiece clamping device built by RINGSPANN to clamp
    ring shaped workpieces on the inner diameter with various inserts to accommodate
    different workpiece diameters.
    * Stepless Regulation of number of strokes for improving roughing and finishing process
    * Automatic changeover of number of strokes, and automatic feed changeover for roughing
    and finishing work in up to 3 cuts.
    * Automatic and motor-driven fixing of shaping stroke in the upper position after work is finished.
    * Separate switch and control cabinet. Two-hand start.
    * Coolant equipment with magnetic chip conveyor and chip collection container.
    * Various change gears, shaping tool holders, etc.

    Condition : Satisfactory to Good. Machine can be inspected under power.
    Delivery : Ex stock, as inspected.
    Payment : Net, after conclusion of contract.

    Thank you for your interest. We always have a good selection of gear machines on stock.
    Please let us know what you need.

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