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Automatic polishing machines are machines used to polish and smooth surfaces. They are mainly used in woodworking, metalworking, automotive, aerospace and plastics industries. Automatic polishing machines work by rotating a rotating polishing wheel and using polishing materials such as sandpaper, polishing pad or abrasive paste. This allows material to be removed and a uniform surface finish to be achieved. Some of the advantages of automatic polishers are their time savings, efficiency, and ability to produce uniform surfaces. However, it is important to note that safe use and regular maintenance are required to ensure safe and effective operation. In addition, operators should have the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure proper use and maintenance of the automatic polisher.

OptoTech MCP 250 CNC Multi Schleif- und Polierzentrum
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OptoTech MCP 250 CNC Multi Schleif- und Polierzentrum
Metal working machines
Manufacturer: OptoTech
Type of Machine:
Polishing Automatic Machines
Manufacture Year: 2012
State: Used
Peiting Germany

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